ReSquare Architecture and Construction, based on the west side of Los Angeles, is focused on providing custom architectural design, building and construction management solutions tailored to discerning homeowners looking to elevate their living environment and lifestyle.


"A sustainable future begins with today's wise building decisions."
Michael Poloukhine, NCARB, AIA, LEEDap

Be it raw materials, existing structures, the energy we use or the site on which we build, how we use our resources defines how we live. Reimagining how we live takes reimagining how we use our resources. ReSquare’s approach to any project unifies design and construction with this mission in mind.

Resources reimagined. Resquare your surroundings to reimagined living.

square [skwair]
1. to make straight, level, or even.
2. mathematics: a quantity that is the second power of another
3. to adjust harmoniously or satisfactorily.

a prefix, used with the meaning "again" to indicate repetition, correction or improvement.


"Utilizing Michael's dual skills, both as an Architect and general contractor, we completed a substantial interior remodel. Throughout the process he paid close attention to detail... Michael has both personal integrity and finely honed professional skills. I would not hesitate to recommend him and know he will meet or exceed any homeowner's expectations."
Lois, Pacific Palisades, CA

"We did a pretty big renovation on our home. The quality of the work was great and Michael was conscientious, trustworthy and responsible. He was also very considerate of our budget - if there was a threat of going over budget he would give us other options for doing the work less expensively. He was very communicative and followed up to make sure we were happy with his work. I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so."
Joel C., Pacific Palisades, CA

"Michael is a nice guy, and a straight-shooter. He always gave us options for bringing the price down, and I think he was fair in his pricing. He never put in unnecessary add-ons and he came in right on budget. I would absolutely work with him again."
Hayley Levy, Santa Monica, CA

"He knows what he is doing and he knows the code. He is a man of his word. He did not bid low and then do any tricky change orders like many contractors do. This guy is a class act. A very meticulous, gentlemanly, neat guy you can talk to."
M. Boyd, Pacific Palisades, CA

"Michael and I built about six Post Offices together for the United States Government...there were a couple he was asked to do design work on, and he won an award for historical accuracy. He is a great problem-solver, and never passes the blame onto others."
Mark Murphy, Upstate New York

"The quality of the work spoke for itself. He was on time, cleaned up... paid attention to details and listened to my requests. He made it easy for me to work with a contractor."
Naz B., Century City, CA

"Michael had worked on my father's vacation home, and based on that work we hired him to design our addition and pool. My dad had a steep and stony shore property that was fairly difficult to design around. Michael came up with a great design that stayed true to the feel of the traditional local architecture, using a lot of the native stonework, while still feeling contemporary and updated. Michael flew out from Los Angeles to review plans with us for our home, which is Victorian. We had some concerns about the original layout and he really wanted to make it work for us. The designs he rendered really melded with what we already had, while at the same time feeling very fresh. Michael is pleasant and mellow without being too laid back. After planning meetings he came back to us with thoughtful, innovative suggestions. He has an engineering company here serving as his eyes and ears on the ground and he has been very attentive to detail and very involved, keeping his finger on the pulse of the entire job. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone."
Dr. Elena MacKenzie, Connecticut


Licensed/Registered Architect:
New York

Licensed General Contractor:
California #957756

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
Certificate holder

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
Acredited Professional

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
certified Lead Renovation Repair and Painting firm


Lots of contractors offer "design services", and some Architects help manage construction, but few are licensed to do both with the years of training and experience in the trade as we are.

ReSquare shepherds your project from conception to completion providing all the architectural and construction services you need. Our client consultation is made in the context of years of training and licensing in architectural design and building construction, and with a thorough understanding of the complexity inherent in the union of the disciplines as we build a sustainable future together.


Whether it's a quick sketch for a bathroom layout, a custom home design or a layout for your new office or retail store, we can provide the services you need to get it realized.

ReSquare provides a full range of Architectural services from planning, budgeting and schematic design to contract and construction documentation & administration for a variety of building and use types.

Licensed/Registered Architect: CA, CT, MA, NY


We get it built on time, on budget and the way you want it!

We provide licensed General Contracting & Construction services utilizing ReSquare or subcontracted forces to build your project, be it a simple interior remodel or a new home.

CA B Lic.#957756

Construction Management

It's not just knowing whom to hire for all the trades, but when they need to be there and what they have to do for others.

For projects involving a more varied or undefined scope, or for the homeowner familiar with the construction process but looking for help in managing all the trades, ReSquare will help manage all the pieces for you.

Planning, Budgeting & Estimating

Sometimes you don't even know what you need or can afford. We can help you with that!

As a means of determining if you even want to pursue a project, ReSquare can help work out the costs and issues involved as specifically as you need prior to even contracting for design or construction.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Being truly "green" takes thought and planning.

Looking to save costs on your utilities? Concerned about indoor air quality? Wanting to build a home that treads lightly on our green earth today and into the future? We can help you sort out your best approach to a cleaner, healthier and more efficient place.

USGBC LEED accredited professional

turks & caicos, b.w.i.

Master Bedroom Wing
The design of this private home presented challenges which were used to advantage to provide the client with a simple yet elegant design.

Main House, balcony
A limited budget and local expertise necessitated a minimalistic design. The clients' love of local architecture called for sensitivity to indigenous styles.

Main House, east deck
Adhering to solar thermal design strategies as well as thoughtful use of strategically placed openings and breezeways allowed for no AC system.

Main House, kitchen window
The desire for views required careful shading. Limited utilities called for renewable sources including rain catchment and solar water heaters.

Guest Cottage
The resultant building complex is a thoughtfully integrated culmination of a unique set of design criteria meeting a variety of distinct challenges.

hudson valley, ny

Front facade
This A-frame home was expanded to provide for an artist's studio wing relating to and juxtaposing against the style of the home.

New front entry
Roof line styles on the front facade and entry were maintained to preserve a stylistically conservative appearance on the entrance side.

Side view
The expansion's main roof reveals itself to be deconstructed from the more contemporary volume of the studio space behind it.

Back view, studio space
Seen from the rear, the studio volume expresses itself as unique in form and material from the rest of the home.

Back yard view
The studio volume relates to the traditional A-frame while its material finishes define it as a unique space.

pacific palisades, ca

Master Bathroom
As part of a complete whole-home renovation, this master bathroom was completely gutted, re-structured and re-laid out for better function.

Family Room
Complete re-design of this room included re-arranging the entry on the left to be off the light-filled main hall.

Guest Bath
Space carved out from a larger room provides for a new guest bathroom shared between two bedrooms.

Kids' Bath
This existing bathroom was opened up by incorporating space previously lost through inefficient layout.

The existing kitchen layout was retained but all existing cabinets were re-finished with faux painting.

The existing balcony was replaced along with the addition of new wrought iron trellis, cast stone columns and stone dining patio.

Interiors in collaboration with Laurence Roberts Interiors
Exterior in collaboration with Landworth DeBolske Architecture

bondurant, wy

Bird's eye view looking north
The main house offers a transition from the grounded density of the large stand of Fir trees at the entry to a perch towering above the lower open slope.

West view on walk
Locally-sourced traditional materials like flagstone, structural timber and wood siding are used on an otherwise dramatically contemporary spatial composition.

Bird's eye view looking south
The compound can be developed in stages starting with the main 3 bed/2 bath ‘point’ house with 2kW grid-tied PV and rainwater harvesting with 17Kgal. capacity.

Site plan
As a concept plan for a five acre lakefront vacation compound in rural Wyoming, the design builds on two axial orientations which organize the site and establish a framework on which the dualities of dwelling and visitation, local and foreign, internal and external are expressed.

tijuana, mx

House in a Day - Project Mercy
ReSquare is commited to providing for those in need. Working through a volunteer a team we assist Project Mercy in building homes for needy families in Tijuana, Mexico.

One hour
Watch a timelapse video of one hour of a day to build a house.

mar vista, ca

Front façade
The front facade expresses the basic massing of two soft-toned stucco masses bound by smooth black stucco spaces.

Front entrance
Front entrace with warm Cumaru siding and decking. Grass roof peeks out from above.

Entry, great room
The first floor great room extends to the open rear facde and back yard living.

Kitchen, great room
The generous kitchen anchors the fully open space of the first floor great room and connects to the outdoor deck.

Rear facade
The rear facade opens up to the first floor great room to the back yard deck.

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